2018 Event


April 8th - April 15th, 2018
All Junior and Adult Divisions
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Learn more about the history behind this event here.

Who We Support

We support the Marty Hennessy Inspiring Children Foundation. A non-profit that inspires children through mentoring, education, and tennis.

Nevada's Largest Charity Tennis Event


Over $50,000,
254 competitors


Over $80,000,
237 competitors


Over $130,000
268 competitors


Committee Members

Honorary Chairman

Tony Bennett

Honorary Co-Chairs

Ali Landry
Rita Rudner

Eduardo Verastegui
Clint Holmes

Bob Bryan
Mike Bryan


Neal Tomlinson

Nicole Tomlinson

Trenton Alenik

Advisory Committee

Mike Agassi
Sean & Ana Wolfington
Lily Chu
David & Ann Alenik
Morgan Kondash
Ryan Wolfington
Frideric Prandecki
Dr. Girish & Vrushali Daulat
Dr. Tapan & Ann Shah

Jeff & Rashae Taylor
Dr. Michael and Lauren Monroe
Marty Hennessy
Ryan Gormley
Dr. Mauban & Dr. Cordero
Michelle Mikkelson
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Smith
Dr. Wes Robertson
Crystal McMullin

Kelly Morgan
Steve Bellamy
Kelly Clinton
Laurie Steed
Carol Wolfington
Jason Strauss
Irene Frazier
Sally Dewhurst
Bob & Winnie Schulman

Tournament Committee

William Elmore Sr.

Marty Hennessy

Mark Saperstein

Foundation Alumni Committee

Kaitlin McDaniel

Max Novak

Ricky Sypert

Foundation Youth Committee

Cherrial Odell
Miles Jackson
Rue Elmore

Abbie Desiatnikov
David Kijak
Alejandro Quiles
Jade Quintana

Erin Wilson
Selena Williams
Sara Alajbegovic


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